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I advocate for the truth and abundance of ones true self through spirit soul and more (SB)

Meaning that I see the authentic self (the Real You)... that yearns for purpose, Joy. The gifted artists in the making and I stand in the space next to you letting you know that YES I See You, God see’s! You are amazing and can live a beautiful life of Balance, Inner Peace, and LOVE... your dreams truly can come true!!!!

what do I do?

Tamiko Ruby J, Reiki Master Teacher, has designed skillful techniques using Usui Holy Fire Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Bodywork, and other intuitive modalities that allows a client to receive balance, insight, and healing. 

When one's "life force energy" is low, it will cause blocks in the energetic flow that creates

dis-ease through stress and trauma. When the "life force energy" is high, one is more capable of being joyful, healthy, and balanced in life. 

These healing techniques are offered In-Person or through Distance-Sessions. Reiki can also be used for spiritual cleansing of the home and office spaces.

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Reiki spiritual coaching consists of one-on-one intuitive sessions with Tamiko Ruby J designed to assist one in learning how to apply Reiki principles to their daily life; this includes divine wisdom connecting one to their life's purpose, balancing one's spiritual and intuitive awareness, and coaching on building a future Reiki practice.


Tamiko Ruby J's wisdom was received through the following modalities: Registered Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Yoga Teacher, Massage, Polarity Therapy, Elemental Reflexology Practitioner, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, as well as Corporate Wellness Coach. She has 30 years as a licensed beauty professional specializing in Esthetics. Over the years, she has designed a technique that includes the integration of these modalities which has successfully created a balanced, beautiful, healing experience for herself and others.

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The Artisan Collaboration: Tamiko Ruby J Reiki Project and Tony C Gayles ll have created a collaboration through the use of Reiki, Intuitive Insight, and Awareness of the essence of beauty, healing and nature created by Mother Earth. Tony C Gayles ll has captured this essence with his lens and created a meditation journey that allows one to experience the divinity in nature. Experience the Awakening. 

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