I am so thankful for the kind words from those who have worked with me and been a part of my community. 

from my community

Kind Words

"Tamiko Ruby J. has been in my life since early childhood and her gifts in energy and wisdom have proven to be invaluable

As a Reiki master teacher...

her ability to impart knowledge and more importantly understanding can birth a sense of confidence that is all too rare in this day and age. As a Reiki student and artistic collaborator, I can attest that Tamiko Ruby J. is the real deal. No label can truly describe the strength and purity of her work."

Tony C. Gayles II

Molly odell

Working with Tamiko for personal Reiki sessions, followed by Reiki Level I & II training was a joy.

the energy

in the room was gentle, compassionate, and never rigid or rushed. She has powerful intuitive giftings and she is passionate about using those gifting to offer the world healing.

Tamiko authenticity is one-of-a-kind. She balances her internal intuition with the sensitivity to the needs of her client.

Her training and life experiences

have well equipped her to guide others in the direction of becoming their best self. Her spirit gives space for one to be themselves and her course correction comes from a place of love. She challenges you to sit in the discomfort of the journey while from the perspective of wholeness.

nikki T